NaturaLip Procedure™

NaturaLip Lip SurgeryDr. Bresnick is the inventor of a procedure which gives a fuller, attractive, and poutier appearance to the upper lip. This procedure is known as the NaturaLip Procedure™. The technique allows the skin of the upper lip from inside the mouth to be moved into the lip itself to increase fullness and contour. The procedure is easily performed under local anesthesia in less than an hour and gives permanent results.

Advantages of the NaturaLip Procedure™ are its permanence, no external scars visible on the lip or surrounding areas, ability to customize the shape of the upper lip, and the possibility of changing lip shape for upper lips with shapes unfavorable for lip fillers.

The NaturaLip Procedure™ has been performed on hundreds of patients with great results and a high degree of patient satisfaction. Dr. Bresnick has presented the results of the NaturaLip Procedure™ to hundreds of plastic surgeons at national conferences.

NaturaLip Procedure Before and After Photos