Thigh Lift Los Angeles

A thigh lift is done to remove excess skin from either the inner thigh or outer thigh/buttock area. This extra skin is usually caused by significant weight loss. Patients who lose a great deal of weight often wish to continue body improvement by eliminating the extra skin which has accumulated. Some thigh lift Los Angeles patients have a thigh lift performed because of a significant fall of these areas with natural aging.

Recently one of Dr. Bresnick’s patients who underwent thigh lifts was featured on “The Learning Channel”. This patient had a greater than 100 pound weight loss and was working to restore his physique.

Types of Thigh Lifts

1. Inner Thigh Lift: This procedure removes and tightens the skin of the inner thigh area. Incisions are placed in the natural crease of the inner thigh. The incisions fade nicely over time.

2. Outer Thigh/Buttock Lift: This procedure is designed to lift the outer thighs and buttocks. An incision is required which extends from the groin area area around the outer thigh to the low back. The incision tends to fade nicely with time and is well-hidden in a bathing suit. Great improvements in contour and shape are made with this type of lift.

What to Expect

Thigh lift surgery is performed in Dr. Bresnick’s fully accredited surgical center, Encino Surgicenter. Following the procedure, patients will rest in the recovery room for a short period of time. From the recovery room, you will be transported to a nice local hotel where you will be cared for overnight by a nurse who specializes in thigh lift care. Dr. Bresnick will check you the day after surgery. Sutures are removed about two weeks after surgery. Most patients can return to work within a few weeks and may exercise in about four weeks after surgery.

Additional Procedures

Many patients combine thigh lift surgery with other cosmetic procedures to take advantage of one healing time and to enhance other body regions. Cosmetic breast surgery and liposuction are commonly done simultaneously with thigh lift surgery. Common procedures done at the same time of tummy tuck are:

Breast augmentation: The breasts are enhanced with breast implants.

Liposuction: Areas of the body are sculpted and contoured.

Breast augmentation with lift: The breasts are made fuller with placement of breast implants and the breast tissue and nipple are lifted at the same time creating “perky” breasts.

Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty): his procedure makes the eyes appear more alert and youthful with removal of fatty bags and excess skin.

Forehead lift (browlift): The forehead lift gives a more youthful forehead by lifting the brows and tightening the forehead area.

Lip augmentation: This procedure restores the fuller lips of youth and improves vertical lines around the mouth.