5 Things Men Should Know About Plastic Surgery

  The latest trends in aesthetic medicine may surprise you. Men are increasingly relying on cosmetic treatment to address concerns that accompany the natural aging process. And they’re not only turning to Botox and dermal fillers. In significant numbers, men are seeking plastic surgery to enhance their appearance, boost their self-confidence, and heighten their sex appeal.

But before committing to an operation to address your cosmetic concerns, here are five things you should consider.

1. Men’s Plastic Surgery Requires a Unique Approach

Men and women have different anatomical concerns. Men’s bones tend to be larger and heavier, and their skin is thicker. These distinctions may seem trivial, but for aesthetic outcomes, they are signficant.

To provide outstanding results, your surgeon must focus on maintaining and enhancing your masculine features. Therefore, it’s critical to choose a provider with a proportionate percentage of male patients.

2. Plastic Surgery Requires Sufficient Recovery

No one wants to put their busy life on hold while they heal from a surgical procedure. However, getting plenty of rest in the first week or two after cosmetic surgery is crucial to ensuring a safe, successful outcome. Depending on which surgery you choose, you will need to take a few days or a couple of weeks off from work. The more invasive the operation, the more recovery time is necessary.

While we understand getting back to your daily routine is critical, returning to strenuous activities too soon increases risk and opens the door to severe complications. It could also undo the benefits achieved from surgery. Dr. Bresnick will inform you if it’s safe to resume physical activities after each follow-up appointment.

3. Body Sculpting Is Not a Shortcut

Many guys who have unwanted fat on the midsection, dream of defined, and cut abdominals and a flat midsection.    Cosmetic surgery alone often does not provide these changes.    If a man is overweight, fatty excess tends to accumlule inside the abdomen beneath the abdominal muscles.  It creates a distended abdominal area and is resistant to liposuction.    Losing this abdominal weight is key to becoming a candidate to sculpt the midsection.  In addition, abdominal muscle definition can be enhanced by exercise which is an important part of the plan for improvement.    The take home message here for guys is this;  it may require three things to achieve ideal results, including weight loss, muscle building and often cosmetic surgery to achieve the best results.   Consider cosmetic surgery of the body when you are close to your target, healthy weight.

4. Medical Spa Treatments Can Help, Too

Not everyone is ready for scalpels, sutures, and recovery. And the cost of plastic surgery may be a concern as well. That’s why many men opt for the non-invasive route. Procedures like injectables, laser treatments, and CoolSculpting may best fit your current situation to smooth away wrinkles, add facial definition, or eliminate unsightly fat.

5. Choosing the Right Surgeon Is Paramount

Patients of all gender identities should begin their plastic surgery journey by researching qualified surgeons. A board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing procedures like male breast reduction surgery is the optimal choice.

To start, schedule an in-person meeting with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Bresnick. He offers the skill and experience to address your concerns and suggest the best way to move forward. To learn more, call (818) 981-3333.

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