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Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles, CA

Becoming a mother is an incredible experience filled with joy and new adventures. Yet, the beautiful body that you enjoyed prior to pregnancy often changes. A mommy makeover in Los Angeles, CA allows a woman to restore her breasts and body after children and breastfeeding, providing a fresh, rejuvenated look. Dr. Bresnick is one of the top mommy makeover plastic surgeons in the United States. He specializes in mommy makeover surgery and is highly sought-after by new and experienced moms for his stunning, natural-looking results. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your body after pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding, schedule a consultation and explore your options for body rejuvenation. You’ve given the gift of life to your children, give yourself the gift of a rejuvenated body.

How Does Pregnancy or Breastfeeding Change the Body?

Pregnancy is a time of dramatic change for a woman’s body. In just a few short months the abdominal area grows and expands to accommodate another body. The breasts often get larger, preparing for breastfeeding. Many women develop fat deposits due to hormonal changes.

Your body spends 9 months growing a baby, but labor is often over in just a few hours. As soon as the baby is delivered, change begins. After the baby is weaned, hormones revert to their pre-pregnancy levels. It is at this time that many women finally realize how much pregnancy has changed their appearance.

Common body complaints after pregnancy include:

  • Loose skin on the abdomen
  • Stretch marks and loss of skin elasticity
  • Stubborn fat deposits
  • Loss of breast fullness
  • Lower breast position
  • Damage and/or separation of the abdominal muscles

Each of these complaints, and many others, can be addressed with a mommy makeover.

What Procedures Are Commonly Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy changes the body, but not always in the same ways. Two different pregnancies can affect the same woman’s body very differently. To ensure that each woman loves her look after a mommy makeover, we customize the procedure to each individual patient’s needs.

A typical mommy makeover includes breast surgery, tummy tuck, and liposuction. We can also include other plastic surgery procedures as needed.

After pregnancy the breasts typically lose fullness and often drop lower in position. Dr. Bresnick can replace the missing fullness with a breast augmentation procedure in which soft, silicone gel implants, silicone gummy bear implants, or saline implants are placed into the breast. This restores upper breast fullness and cleavage. If the breasts are sitting lower than desired, a breast lift can create a more youthful look and restore a higher breast position. Often, Dr. Bresnick performs breast augmentation and breast lift together during a mommy makeover.

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, involves the removal of excess skin and fat, and a nice tightening of the abdominal muscles. This gives a flatter, tighter tummy with a narrower waistline. Dr. Bresnick uses a unique tummy tuck approach that offers better results than a traditional procedure.

Liposuction can enhance tummy tuck results and further improve body shape. Liposuction is a body contouring technique that can shape and slim areas with excess fat. It works best on isolated fat pockets in areas like the thighs, hips, back, and love handles. Liposuction isn’t recommended for patients who still need to lose post-baby weight. It works best if you’re within 10-15 pounds of your ideal weight.

Other procedures can be added to a mommy makeover as needed, including options for facial plastic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation.

Recovery After a Mommy Makeover

We perform all mommy makeover procedures at the Encino Surgicenter, located directly adjacent to our offices. When you’re ready to return home after your surgery, typically the very same day, a trusted adult will need to come pick you up. You will be unable to drive and will need someone to stay with you for the first day or two.

A mommy makeover typically combines multiple plastic surgery treatments, allowing patients to experience results quickly. This also has the benefit of speeding up the recovery process, compared to receiving each treatment separately.

Typical recovery times after a mommy makeover are:

Many of our patients have questions about pain management during the recovery period after a mommy makeover. Your comfort is our priority and Dr. Bresnick uses several techniques to increase comfort and ensure a successful recovery. We offer a pain pump to provide long lasting pain management after a mommy makeover. We use an “On-Q” pain pump, which provides more than two days of local anesthetic directly into the tummy tuck area, greatly increasing comfort. We also provide pain medication as needed.

We’ll provide detailed recovery instructions to you and your caregiver. If you ever have a question or run into an unexpected symptom as you heal, let us know. We are here to help throughout the mommy makeover recovery process.

It is important to take some time to do something nice for yourself after caring for your family. A mommy makeover will improve your look and self-esteem, as well as restore your body to create a new, and better you!

Learn how to get your body back with a mommy makeover in Los Angeles. Call our offices at 818-981-3333 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bresnick today.

Mommy Makeover FAQs in Los Angeles

The best time for a mommy makeover is when you and your body are ready. If you are at a healthy weight and are in good overall health, you are ready. A mommy makeover typically involves a tummy tuck and some form of breast surgery, such as breast augmentation to resolve lost volume after pregnancy and a breast lift to improve breast elevation.  Liposuction is often included in the overall plan.

Patients should wait until they are finished having children as the results of a mommy makeover, especially tummy tucks, can be undone to some degree by having additional children.

The first question to ask yourself is what you would like to improve with your body outline, self-esteem, or lifestyle. Would you like to get back to where you felt the most confident and self-assured? If specific areas are troubling you, share that with Dr. Bresnick and ask the options available to help resolve them.

With any surgical consultation, you should ask your surgeon about recovery, including how long until you can get back to work, the gym, and sexual activity. Also, it’s essential to ask if there are non-invasive treatments performed in a medical spa available to enhance your body or facial appearance.

We recommend waiting at least three months between stopping breastfeeding and having any breast procedure. This allows for any inflammation or swelling of breast tissue to resolve and help for an optimal aesthetic and functional outcome.  In the months after breastfeeding, the breast typically loses volume from shrinkage of breast tissue, so it is important to wait for several months to allow this to occur after breastfeeding.

Acknowledge you are taking the proper steps to do something good for yourself and your appearance, do your research, talk with your surgeon, and create the best plan to address your cosmetic concerns.  Dr. Bresnick is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons offering these procedures, so know you are in good hands!

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