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Dr. Bresnick specializes in facial plastic surgery in Los Angeles, and he offers the latest techniques to help you achieve the excellent results that you deserve. His surgical expertise, many years of training, and artistic ability allow him to provide the finest care and best results in facial rejuvenation. From brow to chin, Dr. Bresnick offers many different procedures to improve each area of the face. Come in for a consultation and let’s explore your options for smoothing wrinkles, tightening loose skin, lifting sagging skin, and fading age spots. Discover a younger looking you with cosmetic face surgery. We can’t stop time, but we can help you feel beautiful and confident at every age.

Why Dr. Bresnick is a Facial Expert!

Dr. Bresnick is one of the most extensively trained plastic surgeons in practice today. His background includes areas of training with direct application to facial surgery:

  1. Doctor of Dental Surgery: Dr. Bresnick completed dental training at the UCLA School of Dentistry, earning both a DDS degree and MS degree and graduating at the top of his class. He attended UCLA in the graduate and dental school between 1982 and 1986. Dental training helps Dr. Bresnick with a detailed understanding of the mouth, neck, jaws, and soft tissues of the face.
  2. Craniofacial Surgery: Dr. Bresnick completed a Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship after becoming a plastic surgeon. He trained in Craniofacial Surgery in 1996-97 at USC, then joined the full-time faculty as an Assistant Professor. Craniofacial surgery involves complex reconstruction of the face and facial/skull bones.

Dr. Bresnick’s unique background makes him uniquely qualified to offer the following procedures:


The face is the most recognizable and important part of how you present yourself to others. In an effort to erase the appearance of time and facial aging, a facelift can be a wonderful way to restore a more youthful appearance. A facelift softens common signs of aging and provides natural looking facial renewal, especially to the lower portions of the face and neck. This is one of our most popular procedures for facial plastic surgery and is effective for both male and female patients.

We offer a variety of different facelift options from a mini-facelift to a full facelift. Dr. Bresnick can discuss your options and make treatment recommendations during your consultation. A facelift can be performed on its own, but since the face ages as a whole, it is often paired with other facial rejuvenation treatments such as eyelid surgery.

Liquid Facelift

Many of our patients want to look younger and feel more confident but aren’t ready for facial plastic surgery. The “Liquid Facelift” uses fillers to smooth lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and rejuvenate the face without the need for incisions, downtime, or anesthesia.

A liquid facelift is a type of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment. It uses injectable fillers (like Juvéderm) and injectable neurotoxins (like Botox®) to improve facial appearance and reduce signs of aging. Dramatic results can be achieved on younger patients (under 55) and patients who do not yet have much excess skin.

Set up a consultation with Dr. Bresnick to see what can be done with fillers and Botox® to look younger.

Forehead/Brow Lift

A facelift primarily rejuvenates the lower and mid-portions of the face like the cheeks, chin, jawline, and neck. A brow lift addresses signs of aging on the upper third of the face, making it the perfect complement to many facial plastic surgery procedures. Paired with other treatments or performed alone, a brow lift can freshen up your look.

Laser Resurfacing

Improving the quality of your skin can transform your entire facial appearance. We offer laser resurfacing to smooth wrinkles, shrink pores, fade scars, and improve skin tone. Laser resurfacing can provide a dramatic transformation to the quality, texture, and appearance of the skin. This procedure is great on its own, and also pairs beautifully with other facial plastic surgery treatments.

Typically, with facelift surgery, we offer laser resurfacing around the mouth to address lines and wrinkles, as well as the lower eyelid area and crow’s feet. The healing is simultaneous with the facelift so that dramatic improvements to multiple areas are made with a single recovery.

Learn how laser resurfacing can improve the quality and appearance of your skin.

Eyelid Surgery

Rejuvenation of the eyelids is one of the most dramatic and important procedures offered in our practice. Extra eyelid skin can cover the eyes, obscuring one of the most important facial features and sometimes blocking vision. What’s the solution to saggy upper or lower eyelids? Dr. Bresnick offers eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. This procedure reshapes the eyelids, helping to bring a more youthful appearance to the eye area.

Blepharoplasty can treat many signs of aging around the eyes including puffy eyelids, bags under the eyes, and droopy eyelids. This procedure is an excellent complement to many other facial plastic surgery procedures including facelift and brow lift.

Lip Enhancement

Adding volume to the lips helps provide a more youthful and sensual look. We offer several ways to improve the look of the lip area long term.

Our lip enhancing procedures include lip augmentation, lip advancement, lip implants, and lip reduction. We have both surgical and non-surgical treatment options available to suit your needs.

Ear Surgery

Many of our patients with prominent ears have anticipated ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, for years. Dr. Bresnick performs this procedure on children, teens, and adults with excellent results. Ear surgery is performed by reshaping tissues to create an aesthetically pleasing ear shape and size.

Otoplasty results can be very natural looking. All incisions are placed on the back of the ear, keeping scars well hidden. Our patients generally love the results from this type of facial plastic surgery. Ear reshaping can boost confidence and help patients feel better about their appearance.

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