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Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction is a procedure to resolve enlarged breast tissue in men. It’s unclear what causes the problem; however, some cases involve hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, or the use of specific medications. Gynecomastia can be troubling for men because large breasts are difficult to hide, limiting warm-weather wear at poolside or on the beach.

Weight loss rarely improves the condition to any significant degree, but surgery can be helpful. Through a carefully placed incision, Los Angeles male breast reduction surgeon Dr. Bresnick removes excess breast tissue and recontours the chest area. He uses different techniques depending on the individual’s needs, including liposuction or direct excision. Patients have been grateful and pleased with the improvements achieved with gynecomastia repair.

Surprisingly enough, all men have breast tissue. It is the same type of breast tissue found in women, but in smaller amounts. With gynecomastia, breast tissue grows excessively right under the nipple. As a result, the breast becomes fatty and sags, resulting in unsightly, feminine-looking breasts.

Men who experience this type of change in their breast tissue become very self-conscious about going bare-chested or wearing tight shirts. As a result, they refrain from social and athletic activities and may avoid changing clothes in public locker rooms or revealing their chests in intimate moments.

The ideal male breast is muscular and well-defined, signifying masculinity and strength.

Are You a Candidate for Gynecomastia?

If you cannot lose weight and gain definition in your chest area even after making significant changes in your diet and exercise routine, you may be a good gynecomastia candidate. Eligible patients are healthy and maintain a stable weight. However, if your weight fluctuates, please discuss your health with Dr. Bresnick. He can make an informed decision regarding your treatment options.

Gynecomastia is common during adolescence. Puberty affects the hormonal balance in tween and teen boys, affecting body development. Boys and girls alike produce estrogen, a hormone contributing to the growth of breasts tissue in women. When estrogen surges in teenage boys, these hormonal changes can lead to large breasts.

More often than not, teenage boys grow into their masculine physique. As a result, their chests flatten as puberty subsides. However, some men suffer the effects of gynecomastia into adulthood.

What to Expect

Dr. Bresnick does gynecomastia repair at his fully accredited Encino Surgicenter. Following the procedure, patients will relax in the recovery room for a short period, then return home an hour or two after surgery.

Dr. Bresnick performs the operation under general anesthesia. The surgery involves a combination of liposuction and direct tissue removal to achieve a flat, contoured chest appearance. The initial part of the procedure requires liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue from the chest area. Typically, Dr. Bresnick makes small incisions around the areolas or under the arms. Next, he inserts a thin tube called a cannula under the skin to suction unwanted fat from the area.

Then, Dr. Bresnick will perform breast tissue excision to remove excess glandular breast tissue from the area. Removing this tissue makes the upper chest flatter, with a more masculine contour. Some patients require areola reduction or excess skin removal to achieve best results. In most instances, the tiny incisions used to complete liposuction result in little to no visible scarring.

We will provide you with garments to wear under your clothing during gynecomastia surgery recovery. These support the treated areas to speed healing and shrinkage. Most patients can return to work within a week or less and resume exercise within several weeks.

Recovery and Results

The recovery process varies among patients. You should allow one to two weeks before resuming your normal routine. You can resume workouts and strenuous activity after six to eight weeks.

The chest will adapt to its firmer, flatter contours after the swelling subsides. Learn how to get rid of man boobs with the help of Los Angeles’ best gynecomastia plastic surgeon.

Male Breast Reduction Cost in Los Angeles

The price of male reduction surgery depends on the extent of your condition. Addressing it with liposuction as a stand-alone procedure, it will cost less than requiring extensive skin excision. Dr. Bresnick offers financing options to help his patients achieve affordable cosmetic health care.

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