Dr. Bresnick in the Media

Dr. Bresnick has been featured in many televised programs, videos and news stories. He is known for his excellent results in cosmetic surgery and his enjoyment in helping children in need of reconstructive surgery. All of the media coverage has been initiated either by television news programs or patients themselves who felt that their outstanding results were worthy of sharing with the community.

Dr. Bresnick interviewed as an expert in plastic surgery and introducing new medicines to combat disease.

Highlights Dr. Bresnick’s transformation of a patient undergoing breast augmentation with lift.

Some of these programs have centered on Dr. Bresnick’s love of donating his time to children with deformities. To help out the community, Dr. Bresnick dedicates a portion of his time to reconstruct children with birth deformties. He has traveled to many third-world countries to volunteer plastic surgery services for people in need of reconstruction.

Televised news piece on the transformation of a Playboy Playmate after three children.

Naomi’s Story:  The Reconstruction of the Arm of a Young Child born with a Severe Birth Anomaly

Plastic Surgery for Men after Weight Loss

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