A Tummy Tuck Can Improve Your Health

Four Surprising Ways a Tummy Tuck Can Actually Improve Your Health

Tummy tucks, (known more formally as abdominoplasty), are growing in popularity across America. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of procedures grew a whopping 87% between 2000 and 2014. It’s easy to understand why the procedure is so sought after. The average tummy tuck removes two to ten pounds of belly fat and tissue, giving a patient a tighter, more contoured core. Tummy tucks are used to get rid of excess skin after a dramatic weight loss and to tighten up the tummy after pregnancy. However, this procedure is often more than just a vanity surgery. It can actually dramatically improve a patient’s health as well as their looks. Here are four surprising ways a tummy tuck can improve your health:

It Can Improve Your Posture

In some instances, stomach muscles will stretch and weaken in women who have given birth or individuals who have experienced dramatic weight loss. Weak abdominals provide less support for the spine and may contribute to poor posture. This in turn can lead to long-term low back pain. A tummy tuck doesn’t just involve removing excess skin from the abdomen. A plastic surgeon actually surgically tightens weak muscles with sutures. A tummy tuck provides patients with tighter abdominal muscles, which can help correct poor posture and even address some forms of posture-related back pain.

It Can Improve Bladder Control In Cases Of SUI

You may know a close friend or family member who suffers urinary leakage when she coughs, sneezes, laughs, or engages in exercise. Maybe it’s something you have been struggling with after the birth of your last child. This condition, called Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) usually affects women who give birth naturally. This condition can often be treated without surgery, but for serious cases, a tummy tuck procedure can actually help. Although the tummy tuck is not specifically designed for this purpose, it has been found to provide this side benefit for certain patients.

It Can Prevent Infection

In certain individuals, dramatic weight loss can leave behind unflattering folds of skin, including something called a “pannus,” which is an apron of skin and tissue that hangs from the belly button. In extreme cases, the pannus can hang as low as the knees. Not only is this fold of skin unflattering and difficult to tuck away into clothing, but it is also difficult to clean and can get infected or even develop ulcers. Dirt and germs like to hide in skin folds, so getting rid of hanging, excess skin can help you improve the hygiene in this area and enjoy the look of your body much more.

It Can Correct Ventral Hernias

Several factors lead to weak abdominal muscles, including massive weight loss and pregnancy, as well as C-sections and appendectomies. In a small percentage of individuals with weak abdominals, the intestine will actually break through the abdominal wall and form a pocket. This is known as a ventral hernia. The best way to address this condition is to tighten the abdominal muscles with sutures, just as a surgeon does during an abdominoplasty procedure. Performing a full tummy tuck can help prevent future occurrences of a ventral hernia.

For most patients, a tummy tuck is primarily used to get rid of excess abdominal skin and fat to improve the look of their figure and tighten their core area. It is an excellent self-reward after significant weight loss as well as a way for new mothers to regain their figure and rediscover confidence in their bodies after baby.

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