How to Achieve the Best Results From a Breast Lift Without Implants

A breast lift can correct sagging, misshapen, or asymmetrical breasts to restore your body. When performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, the procedure will give you younger-looking, uplifted breasts with a beautifully natural form.

Here are some tips to ensure the best, most attractive, and longest-lasting results if you’re considering a breast lift.

1. Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Carefully and Understand the Technique Used by Your Doctor

A breast lift is a highly customized procedure. When expertly performed, it should perfectly fit your physique’s unique proportions and balance. Your surgeon should use the most current techniques to raise and reshape your breasts, optimize visual scarring and setting you on the path to a speedy recovery. You owe it to yourself to choose your surgeon carefully. As a baseline, always select a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast lifts and a track record of excellent results, as does Dr. Stephen Bresnick in Encino, CA. Study the surgeon’s before-and-after pictures of patients, paying particular attention to those of women with physiques similar to yours.


It is also important to understand the technique used by the plastic surgeon to perform breast lift.  Dr. Bresnick believes that a total reshaping should occur with the procedure and a significant amount of skin should be removed.   In addition, some surgeons, such as Dr. Bresnick, can offer interested patients an internal bra with dissolvable sutures or dissolvable mesh.  This can help hold your breasts in the most youthful shape during the healing process and lead to improved results.  Making sure that the surgeon you choose is using the latest techniques is important!


2. Make Good Use of Your Consultation

The time you spend with your surgeon in consultation before the surgery is critical to getting the results you want. Use the consultation to describe what you hope to achieve with the breast lift and how you’d like to look after the procedure. Listen carefully to what the doctor recommends. Ask questions to understand the choices, what to expect from the procedure, and while you’re in recovery. The best outcomes in any plastic surgery procedure result from clear, two-way communication between the patient and the doctor while planning the surgery and establishing realistic expectations.

3. Follow Recovery Instructions Carefully

You’ll need time to recover from breast lift surgery, including plenty of rest in the first few days and a gradual buildup to your normal activity levels. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully, and don’t push yourself too hard or too soon. Wear a compression bandage or support bra at first, as instructed, to hold your breasts in place and reduce swelling. Avoid smoking or using any nicotine products as these interfere with the healing process.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Healthy lifestyle choices are good for you, and they’ll help ensure long-lasting results from your breast lift.

  • Adopt healthy eating habits: Eat a mix of whole foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods and those with added sodium and sugar. And watch your portion sizes. By adopting healthy eating habits, you can avoid the damaging cycle of weight gain and dieting, which can undo the positive effects of your breast lift.
  • Drink plenty of water: Your skin and supporting tissues need moisture to stay resilient and young-looking, and the best way to provide it is to drink several glasses of water a day. Keep a water bottle handy and make drinking from it a regular habit.
  • Use healthy skin products: Moisturizing lotions, skin care creams, and serums can help keep your skin smooth, elastic, and young-looking. Your plastic surgeon will suggest medically tested skin products that can help improve the healing of your breast lift and help slow the effects of aging elsewhere on your body.

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