Improve Breast Shape and Volume With a Breast Lift and Augmentation

A woman’s breasts undergo several changes over her lifetime. Various factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, changes in weight, aging, gravity, and genetics can all contribute to loss of shape, elasticity, and firmness over the years.

Merely adding volume may not give you the results you deserve if your goal is to have a perkier, more youthful profile. However, when you combine breast augmentation and breast lift procedures during a single visit to Dr. Stephen Bresnick’s Encino plastic surgery office, you can leave with your breasts appearing larger, firmer, younger-looking, and with more youthful contours.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Traditionally, the goal of breast augmentation has been to increase the size of a woman’s breasts and restore breast volume by adding silicone or saline implants into a pocket under the breast tissue.

However, the procedure can do more than add volume. It can also change your breasts’ overall shape and even bring your breasts closer together for more cleavage.

With breast augmentation, you have several choices about your breasts’ new look and feel by selecting either round or teardrop-shaped implants. You might prefer a firmer silicone or softer saline implant. You can even round out the top of your breast or leave it sloping.

While breast augmentation can add volume around the nipple, it cannot move the breast to a significantly higher position on your chest, regardless of which shape and size you choose.

Many women might consider breast augmentation surgery after pregnancy or losing a significant amount of weight. The surgery helps restore the overall shape and silhouette of your upper body and can also boost your self-esteem.

What Is a Breast Lift?

Though breast augmentation surgery increases the size and changes the shape of the breast, it does not significantly improve sagging breasts. To achieve this, you will need a breast lift, sometimes called mastopexy surgery, to raise your breast tissue and nipples higher up on your chest and help create a younger profile.

During the procedure, Dr. Bresnick removes excess loose skin and sagging tissue from the breasts and lifts and tightens the surrounding tissues to reshape the breast mound.

To make the outcome from the procedure even more fulfilling, he can make the nipple-areola complex smaller and raise it to a more central position on the breast mound.

A breast lift has a positive effect on your entire body’s shape and appearance, and the procedure has gained immense popularity in recent years. However, remember that a breast lift does not enhance the volume of your breasts, and it will also not change the shape or appearance of the top half of your breast. For larger or more rounded breasts, you’ll need breast augmentation, too.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation With a Breast Lift

Dr. Bresnick’s breast augmentation with breast lift provides patients with the benefits of breast implants and lift in a single procedure with a single recovery. Most women who’ve had children or lost weight have some sagging. Combining these procedures improves outcomes and leads to better overall satisfaction.

Combining breast augmentation with a breast lift gives you complete control over how your breasts look. Other benefits of combining breast augmentation with a lift include:

  • Choosing to position your breasts almost anywhere on the chest wall
  • Reducing excess skin and tissue and by increasing volume
  • Reducing risks by having only one surgery instead of two
  • Only having one recovery from a single procedure instead of two
  • Reduced costs since you only have anesthesia once

If you aren’t sure how you will benefit from combination breast lift and breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Bresnick can help determine what is best for your body and your goals. During your consultation, you must clearly communicate how you want your breasts to appear, even sharing photos that inspire you. The better you can communicate your needs, the better your results will be.

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