Improve Breasts with Fat Grafting

Breast Fat Grafting

Breast Fat Grafting

Refining and Perfecting Breasts with Fat Grafting

The reality of the human condition is that most pairs of breasts do not look exactly the same. Instead of the common “twins” analogy used to describe breasts, a more proper assessment is “siblings” or even “cousins.” The symmetry between breasts varies from woman to woman. Women who are troubled by their asymmetrical breasts, or who desire shape improvement are good candidates for an effective procedure called breast fat grafting (also known as breast fat transfer).

In this procedure, I liposuction fat from a patient’s thighs or stomach and inject the fat into the breast (or breasts depending on the purpose of the procedure). I use the fat to help reshape the breast(s), adding symmetry and some volume. This is a refining procedure, rather than an augmentation procedure, that helps perfect the look of a woman’s breasts.

I often recommend breast fat grafting in cases where:

The breasts are asymmetrical

Fat injections can help reduce size differences between breasts or provide more shape to a breast.

A woman wants closer cleavage

Some women’s breasts are naturally situated far apart, which can make it difficult for the woman to achieve the look of close cleavage she wants. Fat injections can add more volume to the breasts to help close the gap. This is often done in the presence of breast implants.

One implant drops lower than the other

In some cases of breast augmentation, one implant will drop lower in the chest than the other, which can lead to asymmetry. Fat injections can make up the different.

Rippling after augmentation

Women with very little body fat and little natural breast tissue may notice rippling along their breasts from the implant. They may also be able to feel the implant or see it beneath their skin. Fat deposits can add an extra layer of padding between the skin and the implant to help create a much more natural looking and feeling breast.

A great solution for a subtle difference

Some surgeons will use fat grafting as an augmentation procedure to bring a woman’s cup size up, but I do not recommend this use. It would take too many injections to make a significant difference in a woman’s breast size. Large amounts of injected fat may create problems, such as cysts and mammographic changes. We also would need to start out with a full-bodied patient who had enough fat to harvest.

I prefer to use fat grafting to subtly improve the look and shape of breasts. One of the reasons I like this procedure is because it requires only local anesthesia in most cases and results in little pain and downtime. Patients can typically got to work the day after receiving this procedure.

Also, fat injections introduce a patient’s own tissue back into their body. Since this isn’t a synthetic component, about half of the fat will stay put permanently. In fact, because fat carries a lot of stem cells, fat tissue can generate its own blood vessels so it can survive permanently in its new home.

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