Los Angeles Tummy Tuck Before-and-After Photos that May Surprise You

You probably have a basic idea of what tummy tuck surgery does. It removes loose skin that won’t retighten naturally after pregnancy or major weight loss, and it tightens the abdominal muscles. But those words don’t paint the full picture of what is one of the most transformative procedures plastic surgery has to offer.

To appreciate how a tummy tuck can change your appearance, it’s worth looking closely at before-and-after photos of actual patients. Dr. Stephen Bresnick’s before-and-after photo gallery shows example after example of these remarkable transformations. 

Here are a few things to notice as you click through the pictures.

Loose, Wrinkly Skin Disappears

The most obvious improvement you’ll notice in the pictures is the disappearance of loose, wrinkly skin. When the skin of the abdomen stretches from pregnancy or weight gain, it doesn’t always spring back into a snug, smooth surface when the belly shrinks back to its slimmer dimensions. You can lose much of the weight from your belly with healthy exercise and diet, but your skin will often retain a telltale sag or pouch. No exercise routine will ever be able to restore its youthful look. A tummy tuck removes the extra skin, restoring your abdomen’s former toned surface.

Diet- and Exercise-Resistant Pockets of Fat Vanish

With careful attention to your eating and exercise habits, you can take control of your weight. But as many of the before pictures show, pockets of fat can persist in the belly. These patients were all close to their ideal weight before surgery, but it’s clear that bulges of fat remained for many of them. If you could talk to them, they would share experiences that may sound familiar — how they had worked hard to lose weight, but that stubborn pockets of fat would not go away. A tummy tuck can make those final bulges vanish.

Remarkable Improvement in Abdominal Muscle Tone

The most dramatic change you’ll notice in the after pictures is in the firm muscle tone in these bellies and how that produces a narrower waist and flatter stomach. That’s not the result of changes in these patients’ exercise routines. It’s from pulling stretched and separated abdominal muscles together as a pivotal part of the tummy tuck procedure. 

Pregnancy and weight gain can stretch the abdominal muscles and weaken them by gradually tearing them apart. Abdominal muscles that have become separated in this way won’t join together again on their own. They need the help of tummy tuck surgery to attain their youthful tone and tautness. Look through the pictures and see how remarkable this muscle transformation can be in the hands of a skilled surgeon. After their tummy tuck procedures, these patients tell us they are proud to bare their midriffs in the gym or at the beach.

A Procedure for Both Men and Women

While most of the pictures in the gallery are of women, notice that men have had their abdomens transformed by the procedure too. The problem of sagging skin, diet- and exercise-resistant pockets of fat, and lax stomach muscles affects patients regardless of gender. Many men have been impressed by the rejuvenating effects of tummy tuck surgery.

Nearly Invisible Scarring

The final thing to notice as you study the photo gallery is the absence of visible scarring. That’s because Dr. Bresnick places incisions below the panty line and takes care to use fine sutures that minimize visible scarring.

The Importance of Choosing a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

The tummy tuck is one of Dr. Bresnick’s specialties, and he has introduced some notable innovations to improve its effects and make recovery more comfortable. He applies several layers of muscle-tightening sutures to tighten the abdominal muscles — where most plastic surgeons apply only one. This additional muscle tightening results in a narrower waist and flatter stomach. Dr. Bresnick has also pioneered the use of a pain reduction pump in the treated muscles and has published his results in the prestigious journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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