Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures By Age Group

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Each year, millions of plastic surgeries are performed in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, between 17 and 18 million cosmetic procedures are performed each year, and this number is rising. While most of the patients who choose to undergo these procedures are female, a growing number of male patients are choosing plastic surgery, as well as patients of varying ages and walks of life. This blog describes trends in popularity of plastic surgeries by age group.

Patients under the age of 20

Young patients generally have yet to experience the effects of aging, and the cosmetic surgeries that are performed for this group of patients are usually done to repair injuries or enhance aesthetics.  For instance, it is not uncommon for patients between around 16 to have a rhinoplasty (nose job) to balance the shape and size of their nose. Another popular surgery for young patients is ear pinning, which is a cosmetic procedure to streamline the profile of the ears. Young male patients can greatly benefit from male breast reduction if they have excess breast tissue.  While teenagers have many natural changes that occur to their bodies during this decade, cosmetic procedures may be necessary to improve their self-esteem during this often-difficult phase of life.  Young patients and their families consult closely with Dr. Bresnick to determine when and if surgery can meet their expectations.

Patients between 20 and 30

During our 20’s, many of us still have yet to experience the physical consequences of the aging process and still have a relatively youthful shape with healthy-looking skin. However, it is in this phase of life that many choose to address areas of their body that they may not feel great about.  For this reason, it is a very popular time of life for women to get breast implants and men to get breast reduction surgery.  Also, many who have been unhappy with the shape or size of their noses choose a rhinoplasty at this age. And, liposuction has become one of the most popular procedures for all age groups.

Patients between 30 and 40

At this time of life, many women are having or have had their children and have experienced the changes that pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and caring for young children create for their bodies. While this is a wonderful time of life, it can leave many patients feeling unhappy about their looks in several ways.  For this reason, this decade is a very popular time for the tummy tuck, which can repair damage to the abdominal wall and remove excess fat and skin to create a smooth, youthful shape. Many women also choose to have a breast lift with or without implants at this time to restore and enhance their busts.  A fully-customized mommy makeover allows women to choose the procedures that will help them to meet their aesthetic goals and feel great in their bodies again.

Patients between 40 and 55

Many patients in this age group begin to show signs of aging in their face as skin sags, texture changes, and wrinkles form.  Patients in their 40’s often begin to consider facial plastic surgery, and a facelift is a popular procedure for both women and men in this decade; in fact, most plastic surgeons consider this an ideal age for a facelift.  This surgery can be completed at the same time as a neck lift, which removes wrinkles and sagging tissue from the neck and jaw area.

Patients over the age of 55

Though it can happen in younger men and women, eyelid drooping usually begins to become problematic above the age of 55. Excess, sagging skin in the upper and lower eyelids can make you appear more tired and aged than you would like, and it can even interfere with your vision.  For this reason, many patients choose to undergo upper or lower blepharoplasties or surgery to remove excess skin from the eyelids, creating a naturally wakeful and more youthful look. For patients with more severe signs of aging, a brow lift can address wrinkles in the forehead and some sagging around the eyes; this procedure is also quite popular among patients older than 55.

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