Not Everyone Needs Implants with Their Breast Lift, Here’s Why!

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, offers an excellent solution for lifting low breast tissue and repositioning/resizing the areola. However, the procedure does not produce identical results for all patients, and each patient has their own set of goals that they are looking to realize.

Determining the proper procedure depends on the current condition of the patient’s breasts and their envisioned results. While many women need mastopexy (technical term for a breast lift) or breast augmentation alone, some may require a more comprehensive breast lift with augmentation surgery. 

Prior to making this important decision, it is important to understand whether breast lift surgery may require implants to obtain optimal results.

Can I Get Larger and Perkier Breasts Without an Augmentation?

Unfortunately, gravity negatively influences breast tissue, and as time passes, natural tissue will begin to descend.   This is due to stretching of internal ligaments within the breasts and a natural thinning of the skin.

Breast lift surgery raises breasts that have begun to sag by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. The procedure also lifts the nipple to a higher position and can reduce the size of the areolas if desired.

If breast size enlargement is not an issue, breast implants may be necessary to include with a breast lift. However, women who also seek a size increase will likely need to include an implant.

Breast Implant or No Breast Implant: Things to Consider

A woman should take ample time to research pros and cons prior to deciding on a lift, augmentation, or combination of both. It also helps to fully understand what can each procedure can accomplish.   It is a great idea to speak to Dr. Bresnick to have a detailed understanding of how the breast lift condenses the breast tissue with tighter skin.

Here are a few clinical examples of when breast lift may be a good option or less of a good option depending on the breast position.  For example,  if a patient looks in the mirror and notices that the nipples point downward or sit below the breast crease, they may be suitable candidates for breast lift surgery. If this is not the case, and they only want to add volume or correct asymmetry, breast augmentation is likely recommended. However, if the patient wants to achieve both effects simultaneously, they should consider the combined approach.

A Personal Decision

Each patient must determine what will look best on her frame and whether the outcome is worth the surgery. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon is an excellent source to determine if adding implants with your breast lift is the right decision. It should be noted that women who pursue breast surgery should do so for their own reasons, not to please anyone else.

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