Tackling Tummy Tuck Myths

Most people love the look of a toned, flat stomach, and spend hours trying to improve their look. Unfortunately, genetics, pregnancy, and lifestyle habits can make a shapely tummy difficult.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to help women and men attain a taut abdominal area by removing excess fat and skin from the midsection and strengthening the abdominal wall.

If your cosmetic concerns include loose skin, stubborn fatty deposits, or weak core muscles, abdominoplasty may be the perfect option for getting the changes you desire. Despite this procedure’s popularity, some misconceptions exist about how it works and who can benefit from it. Let’s break those down today.

1. A Tummy Tuck Can Help You Shed Pounds

A persistent tummy tuck myth is that this surgery can help people lose a dramatic amount of weight. In our experience, the typical patient loses about five pounds. Typically several pounds of tissue may be removed. The first week after surgery, most patients are not very hungry and they lose a few more pounds. This all helps with the results. 

The tummy tuck is best done when a patient is at a stable, healthy weight. It may be a surprise to learn that ideal abdominoplasty candidates have already gotten at or close to their goal weight through diet and exercise. These people live active, healthy lifestyles, but still struggle with loose skin and weakened or stretched abdominal muscles. The tummy tuck helps dramatically overcome these issues.

2. You Can Get a Toned Tummy With Diet and Exercise Alone

Diet and exercise are the most effective tools for losing weight, building muscle, and improving overall health and wellness. Still, fitness and nutrition have some limitations. For example, no matter how much time and energy you devote to targeted core exercises like planks and crunches, there’s no way to improve loose skin. In addition, if you have had a dramatic weight loss or pregnancies, the abdominal muscles may have separated, creating abdominal distension. Exercise cannot close the muscle separation, so the tummy tuck can help with that

3. Tummy Tucks Are Only for Women

Abdominoplasty is consistently among the most sought-after plastic surgeries in the U.S. Many women choose to include it in their mommy makeover, a combination of procedures designed to help reverse some of the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

While men make up a much smaller percentage of tummy tuck patients, men can also benefit from abdominoplasty surgery. Many men have had dramatic weight loss and may have loose skin in the lower abdomen which is bothersome. A tummy tuck can remove this excess skin and tighten the rest of the abdomen.

Regardless of your gender identity, tummy tuck surgery will tighten and tone your abdominal contours to restore a more shapely midsection, send your confidence soaring, and allow your clothes to fit better.

4. You’re Too Old for a Tummy Tuck

If you are in good mental and physical health, have realistic expectations, and are willing to maintain your results with a sensible fitness and nutrition plan, patients of many ages can enjoy the benefits of surgery.  Typically, Dr. Bresnick limits abdominal muscle tightening to patients under 65.  However, patients older than 65 can have excess skin removed without muscle tightening. If you’re considering this procedure, feel free to call Dr. Bresnick’s office to discuss your goals and desires and we can direct you to the best and most realistic option.

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