Top 3 Non-Surgical Treatments For Your Spring Refresh

The dull, dry desert air of winter makes way for springtime, which means lighter clothing, dresses, and comfortable shorts. Just like rearranging our closets to revamp our wardrobe for the new season, our appearance may need a gentle refresh once the warmer weather sets in.

SILK Medical Spa is a collection of cosmetic specialists who take a personal interest in addressing patient needs. We provide the latest in proven products and advanced techniques performed in our state-of-the-art facility in Encino.

If you seek a quick reset on your appearance, here are 3 types of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that will have you in and out of our spa, looking your best while you enjoy our beautiful Southern California spring season.

1. Botox

This injectable neuromodulator is an excellent treatment to resolve dynamic wrinkles and lines that result from muscle movement during facial expressions. In addition, Botox is safe and effective, having been tested and proven reliable by millions of injections performed worldwide.

If Botox has any drawback, it’s the number of unskilled and improperly trained injectors in the marketplace. Its popularity has attracted many injectors with no medical training and little cosmetic skill. Trust only a qualified injector at a medical clinic or medical spa if you seek to add injectable treatments to your anti-aging regimen.

At SILK Medical Spa, our highly skilled providers offer multiple injectable treatments that include neuromodulators and select dermal fillers with trusted names like Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse.

2. Skin Treatments

If you are seeking non-invasive treatments to help with your springtime appearance, SILK Medical Spa offers a wide range of medical-grade skin treatments that reset, refresh, and revitalize facial skin. Choose from multiple Hydrafacials, peels, and microneedling techniques that will combat dull, tired, and damaged skin to deliver lovely, soft, and supple skin that’s refreshed and ready for spring. 

Our skin treatment menu includes:

3. Laser Treatments

Choosing lasers to address cosmetic skin concerns is an excellent option to repair specific problem areas without damaging adjacent tissues. From minimizing wrinkles and fine lines to improving tone and texture to removing unwanted hair, laser treatments offer a variety of cosmetic benefits, like skin tightening and skin resurfacing.

Visit SILK Medical Spa to enjoy the latest advancements in cosmetic technology designed to revive your skin just in time for spring. As about our popular treatments, including:

A Medical Spa You Can Trust

The SILK Medical Spa is overseen by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Bresnick and his associate, Dr. George Sanders.   Thanks to their extensive knowledge and compassionate approach, Silk Medical Spa is one of the leading boutique medical spas in Southern California.

Thousands of people have placed their trust and cosmetic concerns into the hands of SILK Medical Spa to reach their aesthetic goals and have achieved beautiful results in the process.

The team at SILK Medical Spa consists of highly experienced nurses and medical aestheticians who share our surgeons’ vision of delivering quality care with a gentle touch.

To learn more about SILK Medical Spa and getting your appearance ready for the spring, contact us today for a consultation or call (818) 981-8888

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