Why Facelifts Are Popular During the Holidays

‘Tis the season . . . for a facelift. That may sound odd, but the winter holiday season really is the most popular time of year for plastic surgery. Here are a few of the reasons you might consider a facelift during the holidays this year.

You Have a Break in Your Schedule

It’s common for people to take a break from their busy work schedules over the holidays. Some businesses shut down and others give employees extra time off. That’s an important consideration, as a facelift requires downtime for recovery. You’ll need to rest for a week or two after surgery, and the initial swelling will leave you looking less than your best for the first few days. So the holidays are a great time to relax and recover. You can enjoy your recovery sipping hot chocolate and watching favorite holiday movies.

This year, in particular, many are likely to have a calmer and quieter holiday season, without the usual full schedule of parties and social visits. Few are likely to raise an eyebrow if you choose to lay low and keep to the company of your immediate household. Friends and more distant relatives are likely not planning to see you in person anyways this year, so it could be the perfect opportunity to restore your youthful appearance.

Cooler Temperatures Make for Comfortable Recovery

The cooler temperatures of fall and winter are perfect for a more comfortable recovery from surgery. You’ll be spending more time indoors anyway during this time of year. One precaution after all plastic surgery procedures is to avoid exposure to the sun, which can impede healing and cause discoloration of scars. And, it’s easier to do when the weather is cool and you can bundle up when you go out.

You’ll Have a Younger, Fresher Look for the New Year

The timing of a holiday facelift is perfect for launching your new look in the new year. By the time life resumes its busy pace, your face will be healed and you’ll look great. The results of today’s facelifts are so natural looking that people are likely to notice how young and fresh you look without realizing that the change is the result of surgery.

Plan Early for Holiday Results

If you want to have your new look in time for the holidays, rather than using your holiday break for recovery, you’ll want to plan ahead and schedule your facelift earlier in the fall. There’s an added advantage to this in that you’ll be beating the holiday rush and getting an early spot on your plastic surgeon’s schedule.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Younger Look this Holiday Season

It’s been an unusually stressful year for many people. Why not end it on a positive note, with a gift to yourself of a younger and more beautiful look? That might be with a facelift, or it might be with a related procedure to rejuvenate your face. An eyelid lift corrects drooping, tired-looking eyes. A brow lift corrects sagging eyebrows and smooths forehead lines. There are faster, if less permanent, options as well, including injectables and RF skin resurfacing that can treat mild to moderate signs of facial aging.

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