Popular Liposuction Target Areas

Your body accumulates fat naturally, more so as you age. Liposuction is an excellent fat elimination procedure to help men and women achieve their body sculpting goals. It improves body shape, boosts abdominal tightening and toning, trims the waist, contours the buttocks, and creates slimmer thighs and lower legs. The way the procedure works is through direct reduction in the number of fat cells.  When the number of fat cells in an area is reduced and body weight is maintained after surgery, long lasting results can be achieved.

Power Assisted Liposuction

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Bresnick offers power-assisted liposuction utilizing a vibrating cannula to remove underlying fat with minimal bodily trauma. In addition, this advanced liposuction technique produces a smoother contour and better skin tone outcomes than traditional liposuction.

Tumescent Liposuction

Another innovative liposuction technique, tumescent liposuction, involves a solution of saline, lidocaine (anesthetic), and epinephrine (temporarily shrinks blood vessels) that is injected into the treatment area for a quick recovery.

Popular Treatment Areas

Given the long history of the cosmetic procedure, liposuction has been performed on several body parts. While every patient has a unique body type and aesthetic goals, there are common areas chosen for liposuction, including:  


Commonly referred to as love handles, your waist can be a challenging area to keep trim with diet and exercise alone. However, the area typically has excellent skin elasticity making the waist responsive to liposuction, resulting in a notable fat reduction and a decrease in waist size.


The flank area also has excellent skin elasticity. It resides in the lower back area directly above the pant line. Dr. Bresnick performs liposuction in this area in conjunction with your waist. A precise contour and smooth transition allow women to achieve the inward feminine curvature they desire.


In most women, a gradual transition into the waist area is vital to shaping the hips correctly to create a rounder, well-defined buttocks, and a shapely feminine silhouette.

Upper Arms

Excess fat and tissue on the upper arms are a common trait of aging. Upper arm liposuction can tone the area for a more youthful arm contour.

Lower Abdomen

A frequently requested area, removing fat from the abdomen, can result in a tighter and well-toned stomach. However, physicians must carefully inspect the area for elasticity, as improper preparation can result in sagging skin. If the area’s fat proportion is too large or skin laxity is severe, the patient may be better suited for a tummy tuck.

Upper Abdomen

The upper abdomen is typically treated for a smooth transition when the lower abdomen is treated. 

Inner Thighs

Another common area for women is liposuction on the inner thighs, which prevents them from touching when standing straight. Some women only need the upper inner thigh to be contoured; however, others require treatment of the entire inner thigh to achieve their cosmetic goal.

Outer Thighs

Commonly referred to as saddlebags, the outer thigh is a problem for many women. The outer thigh plays a significant role in a woman’s figure, so it is essential to remove the correct volume of fat given the individual patient’s specific body traits.

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