Selecting the Right Implant Profile

When working with your plastic surgeon to plan your breast augmentation, your consultation will include a discussion of the size, shape, position, and type of implant. One of the factors you’ll consider together is the implant profile. The profile of your implant determines how far your breasts project from your chest wall when you are standing. It affects how you will look from the side — in profile.

You’ll be choosing an implant to fit your physique and the look you want to achieve, combining three implant variables: volume, width, and profile. Of the three, new patients usually understand the profile least. We’ll explain it here.

What Are My Implant Profile Options?

Two implants of the same volume or size can have very different profiles. One with a smaller width will have a greater projection or a higher profile. In general, there are three profile ranges for implants.

  • Low-profile implants are comparatively flat and don’t add as much projection from your chest. They are a good choice for women with wider chests. The results are more discreet than those from higher-profile implants, typically producing teardrop-shaped breasts.
  • Moderate-profile implants are thicker and provide a bit more projection from the chest than low-profile implants. They provide an attractive and natural-looking enhancement for women with smaller or narrower chests.
  • High-profile implants are narrower at the base and thicker than low- and moderate-profile implants. They provide greater projection, creating a fuller, more rounded breast appearance and a more prominent cleavage. They may be a good option for smaller women with narrow chests. High-profile implants produce the most dramatic changes to the breasts.

Choosing the Profile That’s Right for You

As noted in the description of the three main profile groups, different profiles are better for various body types and desired outcomes. Your plastic surgeon will help you understand how these profiles will work with your body type and which will get you the look that you’re seeking.

  • Body Characteristics: As part of your consultation for breast augmentation, your plastic surgeon will make detailed measurements of your chest dimensions to match the implant profile to your body type. You want the profile choice to enhance your figure in a balanced and harmonious way — to look natural with your other features.
  • Your Ideal Body Image: Your plastic surgeon will ask questions to understand your goals for breast augmentation. Are you looking for a subtle change? Natural-looking results? A much fuller and rounder look? The surgeon may use 3D imaging to preview the effects of various implant choices and help you envision the outcomes of different implant options.

There are many decisions to make when planning breast augmentation, and implant profile is one of them. Fortunately, you’ll have expert guidance from your plastic surgeon in making these choices. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation and excellent results, as shown in natural-looking before-and-after photos that include women with body types similar to yours. With expert guidance, you’ll choose an implant profile that gives you just the look you want.

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