Correction of Silicone Lip Injection Deformities

A large number of patients seek fuller and more sensual lips.  Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists use FDA approved fillers, such as Resylane, Juvederm, and other well-known and safe fillers for lip enhancement. These fillers are not permanent and tend to require retreatment at least several times yearly. Some patients become frustrated with the short-term solution to lip injections and are looking for a permanent lip filler. Silicone liquid is permanent and is enticing to patients looking for a quick fix. However, silicone lip injections often cause major problems in the lips and face. Patients should be aware of the dangers of lip treatments with silicone and the correction options for lip injection deformities.

Medical grade silicone liquid is approved in the US for treatment of retinal detachment in eye surgical procedures. It is not approved for lip injections. However, there are some less than honorable physicians who will use liquid silicone for lip enhancement by utilizing it as an “off-label” use. This means that the safety and effectiveness of liquid silicone injections has not been proven in long-term scientific studies, but the doctors use it anyway. Silicone injections to the lips is commonly performed outside the US.

There are various forms of silicone liquid. Medical grade silicone is used by opthamalogists for retinal detachment surgery and is sterile and pure. Industrial grade silicone liquid, utilized by non-physicians and extensively used outside the US, is not sterile, often contaminated, and may cause serious infections and reactions.

Some well-known celebrities have had silicone treatments to the lip areas. Lisa Rinna revealed that she had silicone injections to the lips at age 24. Most would agree that her lips became distracting and no longer improved her appearance. She has likely had lip surgical procedures to reduce lip size and improve lip shape. Priscilla Presley revealed that she was treated by an unqualified person who performed facial injections. Many believe that Ms. Presley had silicone injections to her face and lips creating problems and requiring multiple surgical corrections.

Why do patients want silicone injections for fuller lips? First, silicone injections look great at first. Patients love the softness and fullness which silicone provides. However, for a percentage of patients, the silicone migrates into clumps. It often causes inflammation and swelling. Nodules or lumps can form which are deforming and painful. Patients with silicone lip injections often have lips which seem to get larger over time as more swelling and inflammation develops to the silicone.

The problem with lip silicone is that it absorbs into the lip muscle, skin, and glands. There is no way to directly remove the silicone. Treatment involves reducing the bumps, nodules and excess lip size. Dr. Stephen Bresnick has treated many patients with these problems with excellent results. The lips are often reduced in size if they have become too large with swelling associated with silicone injections.

Dr. Bresnick utilizes an incision inside the mouth where the scar is not visible from the outside with normal activities such as speaking and eating. Though the incision, excess scar tissue, excess lip skin, silicone nodules, and abnormal tissue can be reduced. Patients look better and are happier with their appearance. These procedures can be performed under local anesthesia and allow patients to heal with dissolvable sutures which are not easily visible from the outside.

There is hope for patients unhappy with the appearance of their lips after silicone lip injections. Dr. Bresnick, a specialist in lip surgery, is available to assist in discussing options and developing a treatment plan.

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